Social Networking – Catster

This week we were instructed to sign up for a social networking site that we’ve never used before. I use Twitter and Facebook, and after reading about Dognamic in Dr. Neale’s blog, just for fun I decided to investigate social networking sites dedicated to cats. I love dogs too, and animals in general, but I currently have cats so I went with that. 🙂  I googled “social networking sites cats” and discovered Catster.

Catster offers a variety of features. Members can create accounts for their animals, similar to the Catbook or Dogbook feature on Facebook. Speaking of social media, Catster allows you to like it on Facebook, follow it on Twitter or +1 it on Google+.

In addition to links to other social media sites, Catster offers information pertaining to all areas of feline interest such as information on breeds, health and care and nutrition.

Being a social networking site, it also offers the opportunity for members to interact with each other and to connect with people outside the website. For example, it allows users to locate adoptable cats and veterinarians in their areas, although the information they contain seems limited to the U.S. Catster’s “Community” offers a game page, local listings, forums, members email, various groups and a gift store. The gift store is similar to the former “gifts” feature on Facebook wherein small virtual items such as birthday hats, cupcakes and balloons are posted on one’s profile. The forums appear to get regular use as does “Kitty Diary Central” where people post blogs, sometimes in the “voice” of their cats.

I don’t think I’ll be using Catster much, but I think for those who are particularly passionate about their feline friends and are looking for a one-stop site for cat information sharing, it’s appealing and useful.

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One Response to Social Networking – Catster

  1. Pam Saliba says:

    This is highly amusing! Thank you for sharing!

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