Microblogging with Tumblr

As I mentioned in my blog last week, I already use Twitter. I don’t tend to tweet personal updates such as those one might share on Facebook, but I do appreciate Twitter for information sharing in general. I follow some libraries, library associations and related issues, in addition to a lot of other things. Since I use Twitter, for this week’s post I chose to investigate a new (to me) microblogging site: Tumblr.

Tumblr seems to me to be a cross between WordPress, Twitter and Facebook. You can follow people, although I didn’t find it easy to locate library related posts. The site offers a list of subject areas that one can view, but these didn’t appear to be searchable. It seems that most Tumblr subscribers use it to blog and post photos. I’m not convinced that Tumblr would be the best site for libraries to use to microblog. Twitter is designed to share soundbites and is a great choice for sharing that type of information. I thought that David Allen Kelly’s suggestions about how libraries can use Twitter were very helpful. Tumblr would be useful for librarians who want to blog, but I don’t know if it is better than any other blogging site.


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1 Response to Microblogging with Tumblr

  1. Pam Saliba says:

    I agree that Tumblr is not ideal for library use – unless the plan is to only post photos or brief posts, and a survey shows that the service is used by a large majority of their patrons.

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