Tagging, social media and libraries

To explore tagging I decided to sign up with Delicious. There are advantages to having bookmarks saved to a site that can be accessed from any computer, as Dr. Neal suggested in her post. I really liked that Delicious allows users to place a “save on delicious” tab on their toolbar to easily bookmark a site. It also allows users to create “stacks,” or subjects or folders in which to save bookmarks. I created one called “Libraries.” At this point it contains anything relevant to library and information science, including the ALA site and bannedbooksweek.com. I noticed that other Delicious users have included links to library websites in their libraries stacks. One option that I’m not sure I’m comfortable with is publishing my stacks. I know that it’s a social media site, and that no one need know who I am, but I still feel uncomfortable with the idea of publishing my bookmarks.

In regards to the questions we were asked to address, I feel that Nicholas et al.’s assessment was too negative. Perhaps within academic libraries there’s still a lot of work to be done in terms of liaising with faculty, but surely there must be opportunities to use social media to support research.  The article seemed to indicate that some librarians aren’t that interested in social media or face obstacles in using it within academic settings, but I think it has potential if any obstacles can be overcome.

Libraries could definitely benefit from using social media to market themselves, but it can and is used by libraries for other purposes. Libraries often create information literacy videos and post them to Youtube, or use Twitter or Facebook to link to important information.
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